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National Fine White Truffle Fair

Agricoltura Emilia-Romagna

Events may be subject to change, always contact the organisers before going to the venue.

The Fair proposes the enhancement of typical products, selecting excellence, first and foremost the prized white truffle. Directly from our territory, from its natural habitat, the woods, the precious tuber is transformed in the kitchen to create dishes of high gastronomic value, which give off intoxicating aromas far from the globalization that often overwhelms us, to safeguard the integrity of our environment.

And it is precisely to safeguard and protect its culture, tradition and history, that truffle hunting and truffle caving, have been recognized, at the request of the "truffle cities," as an intangible heritage of humanity. In December 2021 UNESCO granted this prestigious recognition, taking into consideration the issue of biodiversity as a key factor in identifying an element that to historical and anthropological traits, combines the dimension of interaction between man and nature.

On Sundays in October, St. Agatha is transformed into a place where one can immerse oneself in an evocative and fragrant atmosphere, stroll through the streets and squares to admire the many typical products featured in the event. The wine tour that brings on stage representative wineries,the truffle dog race, to experience live the exciting moment of the search for the precious tuber in the company of the faithful dog.

A visit to the town is also an opportunity to admire the ancient monuments of high architectural value: the Angelo Mariani Theater, Rocca Fregoso, the Convent of St. Jerome, and art fountains.

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