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New Year's Eve wine and wine-pressing contest

Comune di San Giovanni in Marignano

Events may be subject to change, always contact the organisers before going to the venue.

The "Capodanno del Vino e Palio della Pigiatura" event celebrates the traditions of rural Romagna, as well as the quality wines that have allowed San Giovanni in Marignano, "One of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy," to be included within the "Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli di Rimini."

This event is a welcome to new wine! During the day you can take a dip into the past, back to the beginning of the twentieth century, among the ancient crafts and many traditional characters, the strillone, the briganti, the azdore, the storytellers.

During the afternoon, it is possible to taste traditional products, especially wine, as well as participate in games and events for young and old, reenacting life in the countryside and rural civilization. The highlight of the event is "the Palio della Pigiatura." The Marignano hamlets, La Cattolica,

Monte di Conca, Pian di Ventena, and Pietrafitta, represented by a couple, will compete to win the Palio of Marignano by stomping grapes barefoot in the barrel.

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