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Let's brew! Craft beer festival

Comune di Coriano

Events may be subject to change, always contact the organisers before going to the venue.

BirriAmo! event dedicated to local breweries, with street food, workshops, tastings, entertainment, DJset and live music.
The master brewers present will illustrate the delicacies of their products to industry enthusiasts, connoisseurs or the merely curious who will thus have the opportunity to experience the essence of the beers on offer.

A true craft beer fair, people participating (many young), and from all over the territory have filled, in previous editions, the space dedicated to the event appreciating the excellent quality level of the producers present.

In addition, BirriAmo! has always had a keen eye on the environment as well, with the choice of using cutlery, plates and glasses produced with environmentally sustainable materials.

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