Sports at the Agriturismo

Many Agriturismi, in addition to the chance to relax, enjoy some fresh air and good food, provide their guests with tools and facilities to maintain good physical and mental health. The facilities made available to guests are those typical of outdoor sports: tennis, volleyball, five-a-side football, etc. Many establishments also have a swimming pool, and the bocce court is also very popular.

Here are some of the activities you can take part in during your stay.


Archery is one of the most common recreational activities offered by the Agriturismi. It is, in fact, a sport that fits well into the rural context of the countryside as it takes place in the open air, without the need for facilities that would otherwise have an impact on the environment. One can find school camps or marked trails in the woods, with a series of stops from which to shoot at targets.


There are many hiking routes characterised by direct contact with the rural environment and nature. These ancient paths will take you through caves and forests, as well as culturally and historically relevant spots of the region.
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Many agriturismi are located in regional parks, protected areas or sites of natural interest.
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Many agriturismi often provide their guests with bikes that they can use to discover the country and forest roads, as well as trails of varying techincal difficulty, on routes inside or outside the farms.
Some Agriturismi are part of the network of cycling enthusiasts who use their own bikes to cover even very long routes such as, for example, the "Ciclovia del Sole".

Several establishments, in their shared desire to provide assistance and services to cycling enthusiasts, have set up the "Agri-Cycle" Club d'Eccellenza. Located mainly in the plains between the provinces of Bologna and Ferrara, they offer small workshops, overnight bicycle storage and small services such as luggage transport or E-Bike charging points.


A unique form of tourism made possible by riding horses in the countryside, which differs from the more conventional horse riding managed by stables.
It is generally carried out with native breeds of horses, including working horses, for short rides or walks lasting several days.


Hunting and fishing, in connection with farming, are two other sporting activities that characterise agritourism.

There are lakes for sport fishing, intended for the guests of the agriturismo, while the breeding of wild animals, intended for hunting, is part of the so-called agritourism and hunting establishments.